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Products Warranty:

All piezo-jacquard and electronic control systems sold by our Company, as well as textile equipment, our company promised 24 months warranty,In the meantime, not the customer improper use of quality problemsour company give free replacement or repair, the user should return damaged products. As a result of the user caused by improper operation of product quality problems, you cannot enjoy free warranty rights.

Products repair plan:

In the warranty period,Our company free maintenance problem products which user back, and promised to repair and return within 30 working days,If the products can not be repairedour company free replacement.During the maintenance period, To not affect the interests of the user,our company provides free temporary accessories, to ensure the normal operation of the user's machine.

Outside the warranty period,our company provide a pay-neededmaintenanceservicefor the question products ,And we promised to fix and sent to the users within 30 working days , such as can not be repaired, the user will be notified by telephone ,andwe sent back the products, which Free testing, but the transportation cost shall be borne by the user.

Repair price (tax included):

Bimorphs maintenance costs for 180 yuan per piece;
The guide needles maintenance costs
10 yuan per needle;
Other service offer based on the actual damage.

Piezo-jacquard maintenance conditions:

 Does not conform to the following conditions of Piezo-jacquardcan not be repaired:

   Piezo-jacquard’S bimorph which amount of damage is less than or equal to 3;
   Piezo-jacquard guide needle guard shededor guide needle

   Piezo-jacquardflat wire wear no more than three.

Maintenance product warranty

The repairedPiezo-jacquard warranty period is three months, Within three months, the same guide needle damagedWe can give maintenance free, if the other guideneedle (bimorph) damaged, you need to pay additional maintenance costs .

The above terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.